Mobile Responsiveness

Make sure your website is mobile responsive. Summer is a travel season, so providing a good mobile experience on your website will help you stay in touch with your market.

Shift Your Social Emphasis

Reconsider the social channels you emphasize for summer months. Since more people vacation during the summer season you should plan to emphasize professional networks (LinkedIn, Alignable, etc.) less, and casual channels (Like Instagram, Tumblr, and SnapChat) more. When on the road and on vacation, time spent on social media is limited to quick browsing and sharing, so the more casual and quick social channels will spike in use, and the professional channels will have a lull of activity. Emphasize all your channels with a strong visual focus on photos and videos.

Try Fresh Engagement Methods

Summer is a great time to try engagement techniques you haven’t tried before. Contests and Polls can be good ways to create new energy in summer months when you could use more engagement. Re-think hashtags to include summer activity and fun in order to stay connected with vacationing users. Fan or customer engagement is also a great change-up for summer months. Feature a customer (with permission of course) or a fan in a post or gallery as a great way to help strengthen your community in your channels during summer months.

Be Part of the Community

Get out in the community and be a sponsor of summer events and activities. Summer is the season for all kinds of community events that you can sponsor or otherwise have a visible presence in that you can share with your followers.

Show Your Brand Is Fun

Show how your brand has fun in the summertime. This helps followers to visualize and integrate your brand and products into their lives. Get out among the vacationers with your brand and be a part of the summer fun, then share the experience with your followers.